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November 2004 Table of Contents



Power Lawyers
Looking for an attorney? Find out who tops the list in a variety of specialties,
according to lawyers, judges and other influential folks.
by Patricia Lake

Light Up the Night
Compete for attention with the evening stars in bewitching after-hours wear.
compiled by Kelly M. Carter

My Bella
Bella Ward graced the stage and screen before returning to her native roots
to teach, encourage and inspire young actors and actresses.
by Stephanie Merchant


edited by Ben Brooks

Delaware’s burgeoning Indian
population looks forward to a new cultural center. by Seema Nayyar

Santa goes commercial, makeover update, single
volunteers and more.

A new system encourages corporate honesty.
by Noreen McElroy

Joe Biden, U.S. senator and foreign relations expert, attains iconic status.
by Sam Waltz


At Home
Local floral designers create
beautiful seasonal wreaths. by Eileen Smith Dallabrida

In Store
Upscale Dover designs, necklaces of love, skin-deep beauty and more.
edited by Shannon Canton

edited by Shannon Canton

Still a Thrill
A local filmmaker produces a loving tribute to Rehoboth’s Funland.
by Ben Brooks

Hot, spicy food and jazz,
dancing at the Grand and a forum for hope and spirit.
by Megan M.F. Everhart

Contemporary Stage Co., Best
Jazz in the of Delaware Party, Garden, a Pirate Party and
Gabby, natch.

Singular Sensations, Wine 101 and more.

Eat & Drink
Home entertainment, bubbly for one and more.
by Pam George

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Special Section

Contest Winners See the winning entries in categories from inviting
entertainment spots to an innovative, revitalized outdoor living space as
we showcase some of the most welcoming homes in the area.

In Our Next Issue:
Beautiful People: We present some of the most attractive men and women in the state.

Super Nurses: Read our selection of outstanding angels of mercy.

Disappearing Chateau Country: As aging estates are razed and new houses pop up,
Chateau Country continues to shrink.