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Pencader High School


A public business and finance high school chartered by the State Board of Education (pencadercharter.net)

Offering 22 business classes and a committed core of educators, parents and students, Pencader Charter is in the business of preparing students to be college and careers in business and finance careers.

Students choose Pencader because the intimate size and community atmosphere gives them an opportunity they can’t get elsewhere to take honors classes, participate meaningfully in extracurricular activities and to find an identity, says acting head of school Steve Quimby.

“It is a place where all the teachers know your name,” he says. “As a teacher, the cross section of diversity we get makes the classroom a more vibrant place.”

The ideal Pencader student is a contributor to the school culture and goes on to be a contributor to society in adult life. The charter school is under Department of Education review for administrative issues not related to academic performance.

A new administration is overseeing school operations while it awaits a decision by the State Board of Education. One is expected in February 2013.

Did you know: Pencader’s Business Professionals of America club has garnered awards at the national level and its members have risen to leadership in the organization at the state level.


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