Pinterest Boards Influence Creativity and Help Define a Bride’s Vision

A pin here, a secret board there and other small details go a long way in helping planners and clients create an experience that reflects a certain personality.

Silicato praised the newest form of communication: secret boards on Pinterest. These are boards that can be created with invitation-only access. Only the creator determines who can have access and who can contribute ideas.

“We use Pinterest and fill our boards,” says Silicato. “It’s an immediate visual communication tool. For us, as wedding planners, to be able to have this ability to really see what the clients are visualizing is so helpful. We used to use private Google boards, but Pinterest is more efficient.”

Bolin used Pinterest to communicate her ideas with vendors based on their specialty. “For photography ideas, I looked online,” she says. “When I would think, ‘Oh I definitely want to try to get that shot,’ I would pin the shot to my styleboard. My photographer wanted me to do this too, so she could get an idea of what I was looking for.”