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Ronald Castaldo: Anesthetist, Anesthesia Services, PA Heroes


Certified RN Anesthetist

Ronald R. Castaldo, CRNA, MBA, MS, CCRN. Anesthesia Services, PA

Certified registered nurse anesthetists are responsible for ensuring the delivery of safe, high-quality anesthesia services to patients in many different settings, including operating suites in hospitals, trauma centers, ambulatory surgical centers, dental offices and other health care practitioner offices, like podiatry centers and plastic surgery offices. Safely caring for a patient includes conducting the pre-anesthesia evaluation, administering the anesthetic, monitoring and interpreting patient vital signs, carefully emerging the patient from anesthesia, and transferring care to the recovery room or other appropriate hospital staff. A great CRNA must always be vigilant. Patients are often more worried about anesthesia than the surgical procedure. It is rewarding to provide comfort for patients, to answer their anesthesia questions and ensure them that I will be in the operating room for the entire procedure, monitoring their care. 

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