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Style Self: Keep it Simple, Stylista















Photograph by Luigi Ciuffetelli http://www.luigic.com



They may have hotels in common, but Sophia Kramedas-Ghanayem and Paris Hilton couldn’t be more different.

Where Hilton works the Hollywood blonde M.O., Kramedas-Ghanayem smolders with dark hair and olive skin that hints at her exotic Greek-Spanish ancestry.

Brunettes 1, blondes 0.

“I like to switch it up,” the 29-year-old says. “I like sophisticated, I like trendy, but I’m not 100 percent anything.”

Today she sparkles in a cream sweater shot through with gold threading that flirts with the subtle caramel in her hair. Simple jeans and camel heels complete her look.

Kramedas-Ghanayem does marketing for the hotels that her family, along with a group of partners, owns and manages, including the Sheraton Dover Hotel.

Her no-fail work trick is to spice up plain oxfords with an oversized, funky belt.

After hours, she turns to her coveted fashion fix.

“It’s all about black pants for me,” she says.

A fitted pair works with every body type, she says, if you do your homework.

“Extra-long pants are not flattering. Pants should be tailored to your height.”

Kramedas-Ghanayem knows height. At 5-feet-2, she’s “not into skinny jeans,” she says. “Let’s fade away from that, for the short girls.”

Luckily, she’s a stiletto savant.

Except the new mommy learned an important geometry lesson when she was pregnant: direct proportion.

“The more pregnant I became, the lower my heels got,” she says. “The whole ‘I’m going to wear stilettos’ turned into, ‘Let me be cute and mommy-ish.’”

But pregnancy didn’t stop her from stylin’.

“I discovered this whole new fashion world,” she says. “Mimi Maternity was my savior.”

Other fave shopping destinations include White House/Black Market, Macy’s, Caché and South Moon Under in Rehoboth Beach.

Her designer hit list spotlights BCBG, Michael Kors and Juicy for those “Sam’s Club days.”

Gravitating toward more simple looks, she flips for maritime elements.

“I adore the navy-and-blue nautical theme,” she says.

She also digs balloon-sleeved tops, belted frocks, tunics—but please, hold the leggings.

“That’s a trend I could live without,” she says.

Her simple style spills over into her makeup routine.

“I love dark, smoky eyes. I make that my focus point,” she says.

She gets the look with Lancome shadows, eyeliner and mascara.

After quick touches of blush and lip gloss over Lancome moisturizer, she’s good to go.

Kramedas-Ghanayem is not critical of others’ fashions choices, but envious?

Maybe a little.

“I wish I was taller,” she says wistfully. “My husband is so tall, he looks good in everything.”

But can he rock stilettos?

We didn’t think so.



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