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Photographs by Ben Fournier




As the nation welcomes our own Joe Biden into the country’s second most important office, we celebrate the aspects of life and work that have made him one of the country’s longest-serving senators: family man, party leader, crime fighter, civil rights champion, scholar of the Constitution and foreign policy expert. Delawareans now wait to see the new ways in which Joe will make us proud. By the staff and Reid Champagne


Joe and Jill Biden. Photograph by Luigi Ciuffetelli

Joe and Jill are on Capitol Hill, but Delaware will always be their home.
By Mark Nardone



It was no ordinary Return Day. The vice president-elect doesn’t usually attend–at least not as vice president-elect.
By Maria Hess


Joe Biden’s vice presidency means one thing for Delawareans, but now he belongs to the nation–and that’s for the best.
By Mark Nardone




Senator Joe’s shot at the vice president’s office means that the rest of the country, at long last, knows that little Delaware is not a state in New England.  By Mark Nardone
Research assistance by Matt Amis, Maria Hess and Drew Ostroski


Yo, Joe
Delaware Today assistant editor Matt Amis recalls his whirlwind day with our own Joe Biden.
by Matt Amis

And they’re all under 40. From policy makers and pageant queens to architects and chainsaw artists, these young people are changing the state.
by Matt Amis
Joe Biden is passionate. He’s experienced. He’s confident. But can the senator from little Delaware become the next president of the United States? You know Biden—all you’ve got to do is ask.
by Matt Amis
As the Bush-Kerry race closes in a dead heat, Delaware Senator Joe Biden is regarded by many as the closest thing to a “sure thing” in the U.S. Cabinet if Kerry wins.
By Sam Waltz


Beau Biden is the next Biden to watch. Will he follow in his father’s footsteps?
By Shannon Canton


Joe Biden has emerged as one of the most important voices in the Senate and, one could argue, the world.
By Mark Nardone





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