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The Face of Planet-Friendly Pest Control


Donna and Roy Richardson started Royal Pest Solutions in 1976. Under the leadership of Roy’s brother Roger, Royal Pest continues to be a thriving family-owned-and-operated Delaware business. This year, Royal Pest is excited to be celebrating 40 years of service to the community. Royal Pest has changed the face of pest control with a planet-friendly approach to protecting homes, families, businesses and the food supply. It uses an integrated pest-management program that balances concerns of public health and the responsible use of materials. A true family business, Royal Pest attributes its longevity to the skill, dedication and strong work ethic of every employee, along with the support given by its customers and colleagues, whom it includes as part of the Royal Family.

53 McCullough Drive  |  New Castle, DE  |  302.322.3600, 800.ROYAL.PEST  |  www.royalpest.com

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