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The Wyeths, influential family of artists


Everywhere I go, people say, “Oh, you live in Wyeth country.” The Wyeths’ impact has been enormous. Their fans live all over the world and include several generations. Many people vividly remember N.C. Wyeth’s illustrations for “Treasure Island” or “Kidnapped” or “Last of the Mohicans” and are very moved when they see the actual paintings at the Brandywine River Museum. Andrew Wyeth’s fans come literally from around the world to see his extraordinary works. Jamie Wyeth, as the third generation of painters in the family, continues the great legacy with terrific talent. Many people have very strong memories of Andy’s “Roasted Chestnuts” and Jamie Wyeth’s “Portrait of Pig.” Here in Chadds Ford, people can tour the Kuerner Farm, site of so many of Andy’s paintings, and visit N.C. Wyeth’s House and Studio. Most of all, many people in Delaware and Chadds Ford have personal memories of the Wyeths—seeing them at the movies, the grocery store or a favorite restaurant. The Wyeths belong to the world, but the Brandywine Valley is what they have always called home. 

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