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University of Delaware College of Health Sciences


STAR Health, at the University of Delaware’s STAR Campus, is focused on research, education and care for a New Direction in Healthcare.

Our goal is high-quality, person centric, accessible care for Delawareans, utilizing innovative, evidence-based, wellness-concentrated education and research, by faculty, staff and students—collaborating across colleges, disciplines and partners. This forward-thinking research is actively taking place, while training the next generation of healthcare leaders. 

Our triple-aim is to: improve the patient-care experience, advance the heath of populations, and reduce the per capita cost of healthcare. We serve the community through our Nurse Managed Primary Care Center, Delaware Physical Therapy Clinic and Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic. Outside of our primary clinics, we offer nutrition counseling, exercise counseling, fitness testing and health coaching.

540 S. College Ave. |  Newark, DE 19713
302.831.2381  |  chs.udel.edu

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