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Have you ever noticed that there are little pockets of bridal bliss across Delaware? Take Commerce Street in Harrington for example. That one street has a bridal boutique (Victorian Closet, a great place with lots of sizes and designs), a bakery (Simply Cakes), a church (Trinity United Methodist) and a florist (The Harrington Florist).

Of course, Commerce Street isn’t the only place like this. Look at Greenville. You can get your dress at Anastasia‘s, get shoes next door at Peter Kate’s, have your hair done across the street at Sharif Zaki and rush over to the church at St. Joseph’s on the Brandywine.

The real question is are these tiny bridal havens effective? Would you plan your entire wedding on one street? It sure would simplify a lot of things, but would you not use a favorite florist because of its location?

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